Pit Crew Preview


This summer my uncle Don asked my husband Dave to crew for his race in Grattan, Michigan.

Don raced his vintage Austin Healey Sprite to victory in his division of the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association 2E series.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend as pit crew.

2015-Grattan Racing-2015-Summer-2015-08-16 14.06.02-DonsCrew

My first task was radar watcher. I watched the red dot turn into a purple blob that just missed us. The cloud formations were beautiful, especially since we got to watch the rain from afar.

2015-Grattan Racing-2015-Summer-2015-08-14 16.45.54-DonsCrew

Hot, sticky, and matching in our hats. I thought I had packed my hometown Detroit Tigers ball cap and yet my Milwaukee Brewer hat mysteriously made the trip.

2015-Grattan Racing-2015-Summer-2015-08-14 17.02.24-DonsCrew

He was up bright and early with minimal rocket fuel (black coffee) with pep in his step and ready to play with race cars.

2015-Grattan Racing-2015-Summer-2015-08-16 08.43.42-DonsCrew

I had the rare cup of caffeine (tea) on Saturday morning, but it was the revving engines that got my blood pumping.

Vintage Cars on the Race Track to wake you up?  Yes please!

2015-Grattan Racing-2015-Summer-2015-08-15 08.59.47-DonsCrew

Our fancy lunch accommodations. I think it was Dave’s favorite meal of the summer… bratwurst and chips.

2015-Grattan Racing-2015-Summer-2015-08-15 12.18.33-DonsCrew

Hot, sweaty, a little sun kissed, and ready to clean up for date night in Grand Rapids.
2015-Grattan Racing-2015-Summer-2015-08-15 17.17.11-DonsCrew

Come back to see how Vintage Racing became one of our favorite adventures this summer.

2015-Grattan Racing-IMG_3132-DonsSprite

See you soon!


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